“When one loosens the framework of one’s mind, new ideas will start germinating.” — J M Sampath

Discovery Workshops


“A Process to Teach Values through a process of self enquiry, using stories.”

Teaching Values through stories and parables have been the most sought after way since time immemorial. But teaching values have always been associated with ‘Morals’, ‘the Right Vs Wrong’. With the ushering in of the ‘Consciousness Age’ is there a process which can instill the much needed process of self-enquiry? Help children to make their own decisions? Share their views and thoughts? Make their choices?

‘Discovery’, a unique tool enables all the above. It initiates a process of self-enquiry, which encourages a need ‘to Learn to Learn’. It aims at giving the different facets of the same value and in the process widens one’s understanding of each value or value related attribute.

The workshop aims the following:


1. To understand the meaning of Values
2. To understand the importance of imparting Life skills to children in value education
3. To gain clarity on formation of values
4. To understand the cause and effect relationship in value formation
5. To learn how to work with cause than with effect to bring about a deep change
6. To learn the impact of story telling in initiating a process of self enquiry
7. To understand ‘Discovery’, its usage in various context.


The methodology adopted is primarily semi-structured wherein enough scope is provided for the deeper human processes to emerge. The small group activities are designed so as to enable an individual to look into their own inner self with a clear purpose to understand themselves and human processes.


1. Better clarity on the meaning of Values.
2.Clarity on why one does, what one does and the way one does things.
3. Improved ability to identify and understand values in self and others.
4.Ability to use the tool ‘Discovery’ and initiate a process of self-enquiry in self and others.

Duration of the Workshop: One full day

Participant Profile:

  • Head of educational institutions
  • Teachers
  • Counselors
  • People who are working the area of value education
  • Parents

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