“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind!” — M. K. Gandhi

Leadership Capacity Building



In every organization the leadership must be able to enable right things to happen at the right place, at the right time and in the right context, in order to ensure continuous sustainable growth. The Japanese call this ‘kaizen’, which means continuous improvement, a never-ending quest to become better. However, the road to continuous improvement may not be as smooth as seems, what with several critical factors acting as impediments in allowing the leadership to perform its role. One of the most critical factors is the lack of clarity on the vision and values that should govern the organization and fuel its journey towards its ultimate stated purpose. The vision and values of an organization need to be defined well and, more importantly, aligned. For, an imbalance in them will have serious implications. While vision without values is risky, values without vision goes nowhere and values with vision is evolution.

With the complexity of global business all the time increasing, there is every possibility for senior leadership to lose sight of the organization’s vision and its values apart from their individual vision and values. Their priorities keep shifting and in no time there is chaos. Quick success and quick failure seem to be a new trend, as much of this confusion arises because there is no clarity on the vision and values that the organization should stand by. Throughout these periods of changes (which is just about all the time for good organizations), leaders must learn to concentrate on making their people go from the mode of avoiding change to accepting change. The first reaction to change invariably is resistance. People get comfortable in doing things a certain way. This comfort provides them with the security that they are the masters of their environment. They fear that change could disrupt their lives by making them look like a fool by not being able to adapt and learn, make their jobs harder, loose a sense of control, etc. Leaders can help the change process by changing their attitude from avoidance into acceptance. Importantly, the organizational leadership must ensure that their vision and values are in alignment in any given situation, despite the change.

In the process of building Leadership, the process of Value Clarification facilitates a change arising out of realization that one’s own cherished values rarely ever match the values one lives through. Until we help the individual to recognize and bridge this gulf within, it would be difficult to expect him/her to match his/her values with the values of the organization. Thus, it becomes very essential to touch the very core of the individual to bring in a long lasting change. The workshop also focuses on bringing a common language amongst the members of the group to be able to work with each other and contribute to the organization. It also brings forth recognition of one's potential within and the need to take the accountability for oneself.

The process

For achieving business excellence in an era of rapid change, those in leadership roles need to be coached to understand, “The challenges of the changing scenario and the skills needed to emerge as a leader”.

This Leadership Coaching will be a platform for the participants to understand themselves better to herald in the changes. It will equip the participants with tools to tackle problem situations and aid better understanding of their environment.


The programme has three phases.  Each is independent of the other.


Vision Value Alignment
1 day workshop for those enrolled in to coaching followed by one on one coaching with each individual ( time spent will be based on the individual need.)

Intervening period



1 day workshop to understand value profile concepts and the group profile. This will be  followed by one on one coaching with each individual ( time spent will be based on the individual need.)

Intervening period



1 day workshop to understand process of learning concepts and the group profile. This will be  followed by one on one coaching with each individual ( time spent will be based on the individual need.)

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