“What I learn out of an experience, matters more than the experience itself.” — J M Sampath

Learning for Nurturing Excellence


“As the level of business consciousness enhances it will be no more the survival of the fittest but the survival of the wisest.” (Sampath J M)

In an era filled with unlimited information and knowledge, it becomes very important for an individual to be able to assimilate the information and be able to integrate the same for meaningful purposes. Unfortunately, learning seems to be misunderstood with accumulation of knowledge rather than understanding of knowledge. In today's dynamic world, it becomes very essential to foster the ability to understand and integrate the learning's into one's day-to-day life. This would lead to higher level of contribution from each individual towards the organizational goals. In a competitive environment where there is a constant pressure on enhancing performance in any role an individual plays. In today's corporate world where `Producing higher output with Lower Investment to meet the needs of the Customer' seems to be the name of the game, there is a need for more individuals who are wise than knowledgeable. If this game has to be played well, every individual has to work towards adding value to whatever he/she does in the role one plays in the organization. One of the prerequisites for an individual to be able to add value is the ability to be a learner all through.


  • To understand the business context and see the implications of one's own frame of reference to change
  • To understand how competition is handled in most competitive context
  • To understand learning and learn how to learn
  • To gain clarity on the process of learning
  • To understand the distinction between mindless and mindful learning
  • To facilitate the movement from being a knowledgeable person to a wise person


  • Deeper level of understanding of one’s environment
  • Recognizing the power of being a learner
  • Moving from ignorance to wisdom
  • Learning to be influential
  • Further value addition by
  • Optimizing resources
  • Synergy
  • Learning to collaborate
  • Drawing inspiration from within to achieve and excel

The Competencies this workshop aims to build in the Participants:

Learning to learn: The ability to look at the learning opportunity in every situation on encounters and also keeping oneself updated with the current trends.

Innovation management: With a deeper understanding of the context, the competition in the world around, it is the ability to look for new way of doing things with an aim to enhance efficiency.

Creativity: The ability to develop original ideas, approaches, and solutions to typical, unusual, or difficult situations or problems.

Processes improvements: The ability to focus on the process related to business with a view to improve cost efficiency, quality, innovation new product development and introduction, demand management, flexibility-higher output, responsiveness, customer service.

Context sensitivity: The ability to understand the various dimensions of a given context in order to make wiser decisions.

Decision-making: The ability to make timely, practical, and effective decisions, and facilitate others in doing so.

Problem solving: The ability to gather and analyze information and use it to develop effective solutions to difficult problems or situations. The ability to work on alternatives effectively.

Communication skills: Has developed the ability to speak and present information effectively and persuasively across communication settings. The ability to use varied modes of communication to get the message across.

Duration of the Workshop: Two days

Participant profile:

  • Functional Head / Sector Heads
  • Middle Management
  • Supervisors / Support staff
  • Team Leaders

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