“When I learn to live with myself, I am no longer alone.” — J M Sampath

Vision value Alignment


The world has a habit of making room for those who know where they are going. Similarly it also clearly defines the implication of the path (values) one chooses to achieve one’s goals / vision. It is important for every individual and the corporate to know their vision and values in a way that allows them to achieve a high level of synergy in what they do. The vision and values are many a time identified by the individual/ organization; the extent of clarity on vision and values determines its integration in life. This Synergy is essential for a high level of performance, which further contributes to Individual and Organizational leadership.


  • To understand what it means to be a leader and a high vision - high value individual / organization.
  • To understand the meaning of values and learning how to work with causes than effects to bring about deep change.
  • To understand the importance of Vision and its role in Leadership.
  • To gain insights into one’s own Vision Value alignment.
  • To understand how alignment of Vision and Values result in High Performance
  • To understand what goes into making leaders, high achievers and contributors.


  • Understanding the meaning of Vision and Values
  • Better understanding of oneself resulting in better integration
  • Enhanced level of accountability and ownership through clarity on context sensitivity
  • Clarity on what it means to be a ‘High-vision and High-value’ Individual / organization
  • Clarity on why one does, what one does and the way one does things

The Competencies this workshop aims to build in the Participants:

Strategic leadership: The ability to create a shared purpose, vision, or direction for one’s group or organization, and inspire others to work toward it.

Organizational agility: The ability to understand how to get things done and achieve objectives working with others in an organizational context. A deeper understanding of formulating and pursuing one’s / organizational vision without loosing sight of the values.

Integrity and trustworthiness: The ability to appreciate the need to stand by the chosen values and behave according to high ethical business principles and values.

Context sensitivity: The ability to understand the various dimensions of a given context in order to make wiser decisions

Problem solving: The ability to gather and analyze information and use it to develop effective solutions to difficult problems or situations. The ability to look deeper at the causative level of the issues than at an effect level, while solving problems.

Duration of the Workshop: One full day

Participant Profile:

  • CEO's
  • Senior Management
  • Human resource professionals heading the function
  • Hi-Potential candidates

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